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Welcome to! Home base for award winning DJ / Producer jprime.

I’m excited to bring you my new portal for media, sounds, video and generally all the things I push out on the web.

Much of the content will ONLY be available to SUBSCRIBERS, so get in there! Subscribing via Patreon will immediately allow you access to the vast majority of exclusive content at the cost of a pledge amount, at least a dollar. A single dollar…probably less than you would pay for a single track on Beatport / iTunes / Etc. This gets you all the content I push out monthly. ALL of it. It’s safe, reliable, and to me represents a much better model of delivering stuff to you.

In fact, go ahead and subscribe – and tell me what you’d like to hear / see / smell, and I’ll do my best to create it 🙂

While I will be posting some public material – you will want to sign up to the Mailing List to receive special free content such as free tracks, contest opportunities, and whatever else I think up.

In the meanwhile, Keep your eyes on the site for an album release date soon 🙂

All the best,