The Basics!
Hi! my name is Jprime. Your household name for breakbeats on Vancouver Island!

While my main repertoire is breaks, I also delve into funkier midtempo stuff and regardless what comes out of the speaker, I really enjoy adding a bit of my own flavor in the form of scratching or remixing.

Ever since I was about 16 I wanted to get a set of turntables and learn how to scratch like the pros, Q-Bert, Cut Chemist, Mixmaster Mike, etc. My brother and I set up my parents belt drive turntable with a Gemini scratchmaster mixer and a second turntable and tried mixing. It was rough, but laid the foundation for me. As time passed and I entered college I began trying to produce my own beats using Reason on a Pentium III computer. Soon after, I finally got a set of turntables and eventually a full DVS system which allowed me to play my own homemade tracks. Fast forward to the present and my current production setup allows me to create and play out my own original tracks, remixes and edits.

My tracks have since been released on East Van Digital (CAN), Relative Dimensions (UK), Breakz R Boss Records (CAN), Lucky Breaks (GER), VIM Records (Greece) and Young NRG Productions (ITA), with a nod from the illustrious Ghettofunk records having appeared in their blog.

A great start to 2017 has seen my latest release hit the Top 10 Releases on Beatport, if you’re looking for some breakbeat and funk, you’ve come to the right place. Drop me an email if you want to know anything else!

With the breakbeat genre seeing a nice resurgence, I hope Canada is open to support their soldiers of breaks this summer.  Let’s rock!


I’ve had the pleasure of opening for heavyweights like Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Chali 2na, The Funk Hunters,  Mat the Alien, and DJ Czech.  Career highlights include headlining NSBRadio’s breakbeat night at Mardi Gras in New Orleans,  taking the 2012 Breakspoll best Radio Station with NSBRadio in London, UK., and placing  3rd place in NinjaTune’s DJ contest.



Over to you!

That’s a little about me, feel free to use this site to check out some of my sounds and ramblings, there are some social media (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc) links at the top to explore as well should you want to connect on that level.  Or you can fire me an email at viperfunk[at]gmail.com and tell me about yourself!   All the best 🙂

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